Thanks and Acknowledgments

My life journey is filled with people who have impacted me, whose words and actions have molded me into the person I am today.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to as many of them as I can remember…


I’d like to begin by thanking my Dad, who made sure I was involved in church from a young age,who provided stability in an otherwise hectic life, and who shared his popcorn with me.  I love you, Dad!

Thanks to my Mom: For always affirming me, for reminding me that feelings are always valid, for roses that still bloom in November, for telling me that life is worth living, even if it’s only for yourself.  Thank you for the gift of music, and making us sing in front of churches when we were young (“That’s what Mom’s are for”).  You are an inspiration to me, and your constant support has helped me navigate some dark waters.  I love you, Mom!

Thank you to my Grandma and Grandpa Anspach for fostering in me the love of the Lake, for being a role model for a lasting marriage, for challenging me to do my very best, and for the best Thanksgiving turkey I’ll ever have!! I love you both so much!

I’m so thankful for my Grandma Gertie, for her constant prayers for me over my life, for her example of unconditional love for others, and for her pure and simple devotion to Christ and His Mother Mary. I am grateful for the experience of the simple life that Grandma and Grandpa lived, and the joy that echoed through that tiny house at family reunions.  I miss that, and I miss you both dearly. I thank God for the two of you.

Special thanks go to all my aunts, uncles and cousins: I wouldn’t be here without those words of encouragement over the years.   Aunt Melanie, Thank you for singing with me on the porch when I was a little girl.  I looked up to you then, and I still do. I love you, Aunt Mel.

I want to thank Joe and Pat Barr for loving me as their own daughter, for their steady and positive presence in my life, and for taking care of Tim and the boys when I could not.  Mom, you are like an angel in our world, thank you for your kindness and for your guidance, and for modeling gentleness to me and the boys. You will never be forgotten; we all love you dearly.  And to the Chief… you are sorely missed.  Thank you so much for your strength…for everything.  We love you…

Thank you to Rich & Mary and John & Kathleen, for nudging me towards this dream,  for investing yourselves into the lives of our boys, and for your love for and devotion to our little family. Thanks for all the holiday memories: games played, Trick-or-Treating, painting ornaments at Christmas time, and Fourth of July Extravaganzas! You have all made a lasting impact that has helped shape the lives of our sons…who’ve grown into two fine, young men.  Thank you, and we love you!

Thanks to my siblings: To Missy for your laughter and for your tears, and for a good swift kick in the pants when I’ve needed it most.  I’m glad we finally became friends…I miss you.  To Angela for your commitment to Christ and the legacy of the Church, for the love you’ve shown me throughout the years, and for letting me be myself.  Thank you BOTH for always believing in me, even when I couldn’t believe in myself.  To Derek also for your laughter and your tears, I cherish those memories, and I see so much of you in Deklan.  Thanks for loving sports with me, and for never forgetting me even though you are far away.  I love you so much.  To Logan for your willingness to be such a good uncle. Thanks for “letting” me win all the time, and thanks for your goofy grin that tickles my heart. Duncan often reminds me of you.  You and Katie are loved! I also want to thank Josh & Angie. Although we’ve grown apart over these years, I’ll always be your big sister…and don’t you forget it!! 🙂

In general I’d like to thank the Parkway Local School District for providing a solid foundation for my life and career.  Thanks to the many teachers and support staff who had a huge role in shaping my journey and keeping me on a straight path.  Special thanks to Mary Lou Anderson, Richard Sherrick, and Nancy Farrell who were my mentors in music.  They taught me so much more than reading notes on a page;  their investments in me changed my life and nurtured the music in my heart.  I’m eternally grateful for your devotion to your craft and for the kindness you showed me as a troubled teen.  I will always remember you… Thanks to my friends from Parkway  as well…Especially Holly & Tracie, without whom my light would’ve been extinguished in those trying teen years. Thank you for loving me through all of that.  And Thanks to Lynda and Mindy for taking me in when I had no where to go. I’m forever grateful for that kindness.

Thanks also to the many friends I made at Kent State, who each played a role in my journey.  I am especially grateful for Tree, Scotty, and Sarah. Your support breathed life into my dark journey.  Sarah, thanks for showing me what courage is, for loving me unconditionally, for ALWAYS doing the dishes, and easing my troubled heart in the hard times.  I will always cherish our friendship. And Laura, I thank God for you.  God has used you in my life to remind me of His constant Presence, even in the darkest times. Thank you.

A special thanks to Emmy for challenging me to write music; thanks for planting the seed.  And also to Trudy, I can not put in words how much you mean to me.  Thank you for loving me through the tough stuff.  I love you both!

I want to thank Dr. Chaturvedi, Dr. Cathy Kane, and Dr. Koczab for their professionalism and excellence of care.  I credit them with my physical and mental well-being. Without the support of special people like you,  I could never have dreamed of living such a full life.   And Thank you Delia for helping Tim and I fall in love all over again.  My heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you.

I am especially grateful for my church family and those connected with the Chapel at Tinker’s Creek.  Thank you for giving me a safe place to be myself, and for the spiritual guidance and love you’ve given to my sons.  Juanita, you were a Godsend in my life and I miss you dearly. Karen, thank you for visiting me in the hospital, for helping me find my courage, for never giving up on me, and for your timely words of wisdom. I treasure our friendship;  God bless you!  Thanks Kenny for persistently asking me to play out at the coffee house. Both you and Will were instrumental in my development as an independent artist. Thank you both for your friendship.

I am extremely grateful to Andy Dolson.  You might never fully comprehend the impact you have had in my life.  You are an amazingly talented individual, and you’ve accomplished great things at a very young age.  I’m proud to call you my friend.  The encouragement I’ve received from both you and Faith during the last year was vital to this project; I would have given up before we even started recording.  Thank you for giving my songs “wings”!

After 1200+ words here it seems impossible that I’ve forgotten anyone, but I know of so many others I could include.  Suffice to say, I have been blessed beyond measure with good people who’ve taken the time to love and support me over these 40 years of my life.  It is truly amazing how God guides people into and out of our lives to accomplish His purposes for His glory. Even though I thank all of you here in this tribute, I know that it is God our Father who orchestrated all of this.  He is the the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of everything. Every life that has intersected with mine passes through His hands.  Sovereign Lord of the Universe, may everything that I say and do bring glory to You and You alone.

Father in Heaven and Lord of my life, thank you for all of these people, but you knew what I needed most when you brought Timmy into my life.  He is the love of my life, my best friend and confidant.  Thanks for his loyalty and for his steadfast nature.  Father, you blessed us with two incredible sons.  Thank you for Deklan’s quiet confidence and gentle nature.  Thank you for Duncan’s determination and pure heart.  I am proud to be their Mom, and look forward to seeing where You will take them in their lives as they continue to grow older.  May Your loving Spirit guide them in all they do.

Father, accept this tribute of thanks as an offering to You, the reason for my existence.  I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…



One thought on “Thanks and Acknowledgments

  1. Aww brought tears to my eyes… God has used you to show me loyalty & steadfastness. Love you! So glad you were fAithful in doing DLQ’s all those years ago!


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