Make the Dark Disappear

Make the dark disappear
 by Jessie Barr (Rewrite 5/14/14)

There will be days I cannot explain the reasons I feel so sad
And there’ll be days I’m lost in a haze and losing a steady hand
And when I am going under, I wouldn’t want another
to reach for my hand and lead me again. You show me that life is worth the fight.

The times you are near, there’s nothing I fear. Your love becomes my light.
When I’m at your side there’s nothing I hide, here is my heart’s delight
You how I feel about you, and I cannot live without you
You’ve given me hope and helped me to cope. You give me strength to face the night.


Your love reminds me what’s real
It’s your gentle touch that I feel
When you hold me tight, I look for the light
And though I am filled with fears…You make the dark disappear

How do you know, just where to go, when my senses are paralyzed?
I want to stay home and be all alone, but then I look in your eyes..
How do you get me moving, when I think my life is ruined?
You remind me again, it’s part of the plan; the beauty of dawn follows the night.


You know me just as I am, You keep holding my hand
You throw me a rope when I give up hope
You give me a reason to stand
And tell me you’re my biggest fan

Sometimes I can see, the good that’s in me, that’s when I feel alive…
But sometimes I feel like nothing is real, confusion prevails inside…
And when I am going under, there isn’t any other
Who’ll reach for my hand to lead me again, and give me the strength to face the night.


Tag: When you take my hand I’m smiling again, and though I am filled with fears
You make the dark disappear.


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