Time can be cruel…


Not quite 2 weeks ago I found myself in the heart of Nowhere…

I spent a glorious weekend at Nowhere Else Farm in Southern, Ohio, with Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist (AKA Over the Rhine!) at a workshop with 9 other beautiful souls! Our weekend together was brief, but I’ve never experienced the type of camaraderie and authenticity exchanged through our songs and stories. When speaking of my time there, I find myself wanting to talk about each of the people I met more than what I learned about songwriting! ( I learned a WHOLE LOT!) I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for the experience, I wept for an hour before I left for home. Thank you for making this possible, Linford, Karin, and Jonathan!

Now I am home… the demands of normal life are quite heavy. Time is flying by as we prepare for Deklan’s graduation in May and his subsequent commitment to Parris Island on August 28th with the US Marine Corps.  Somewhere in those next 6 months we also have a family mission trip to Colorado planned and Duncan turns 16!!!

Songwriting will have to wait for a bit… but the fire of inspiration lit in my heart at Nowhere won’t soon fade! I am humbled by how much I have to learn and I now have good direction… and many books to read!

Jason and I will squeeze in a few shows here and there over the next few months; we will be focusing a lot on polishing some of  my originals. Please pick a date and put it on the calendar! As always, thanks for listening!

March 18th Coffee Corners in Burton, Ohio 7pm

April 8th Open Mic night in Streetsboro Ohio  Details TBA

April 15th Cafe O’play in Stow, Ohio 5:30- 7:30 pm

May 4th  Morning Owl Coffee House in Munroe Falls, Ohio 7-9pm

Here’s hoping the music in K&L’s guitars is contagious!

(Picture of my Breedlove with Karin’s Tenor and Linford’s guitar)