Reflecting on 2016…



It’s inevitable, you know… “death comes to us all…” But it still shakes the foundations of our being when we lose the people we love. And when we hear of the passing of the childhood heroes of the silver screen, who often seem invincible and unshaken by what life throws at them, we pause in sacred remembrance.

I never knew Carrie Fisher personally, but I felt like I did. Her public struggle with mental illness and advocacy for treatment resonate deep within me. I often admired her fearlessness, and the guts to tell it like it is. As an avid Star Wars fan, I am saddened by the news of her passing… But as a fellow struggler of mental illness, I am devastated by the loss of her advocacy.

And yet, in her death, so much attention is being brought to the issue about the stigma the disease holds. Quotes, like the one I included here, have spread across social media like wildfire… and will impact so many… myself included.

During my darkest depressive episodes, I find myself hiding, and in effect, I tend to “bench myself” more often than not, believing I am no good to anyone when I’m in that state.  Quotes like this inspire me to think, and do, otherwise; I am grateful for courageous souls like Carrie Fisher.

In that Spirit, I have high hopes for the coming year. I feel blessed to have booked 6 shows already in the area and hope to have more to announce next month. But the most exciting news I have to share is about a huge leap of faith I’ve decided to take. I have decided to attend a songwriter’s workshop in February to help move me to the next level on that journey. I am both incredibly anxious and excited about it, but I think it’s time to step out of hiding. I believe this is an important next step on that path. My loving husband has gifted this opportunity to me for Christmas this year. I continue to be overwhelmed by his loving support of me. (Thanks, honey!)

My next show will be January 19th at the lovely Morning Owl Coffeehouse in Munroe Falls, Ohio. Music starts at 7:00pm and goes right up until 9pm.  We will play a lot of the soft rock usuals, and then focus more on original music for the last hour.  Bring a friend and enjoy the quiet atmosphere this unique coffeehouse provides. Come early to secure a cozy spot on the couch!

Have a safe and blessed New Year’s celebration! See you soon!