I am NOT a morning person! I never have been… My kids can tell you that…my husband could tell you …and I’m certain my parents would say that! So here I am in my 40’s and not much has changed in that department…

My kids are not early risers either.  Most mornings provide that one simple challenge: How in the world do I get my teenagers to wake up for school peacefully…cheerfully even? Is it even possible? Maybe if I put myself in their shoes?


I remember getting up real early for school in the morning. After all, it took some time to sculpt the perfect ’80’s hairdo.  It took time and a few cans of Freeze hairspray… and a curling iron, of course! What I don’t quite remember as well is the aggravation my parents must have experienced getting me out of bed each morning!

Except this one moment: I think I was in Kindergarten… ( a very long time ago now).  My mother woke me up one morning singing “Beautiful” by Carole King.

“You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes, you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel…”

My mother did not always wake me up that way, but I remember that moment like it was yesterday! She has always loved Carole King’s songs. I remember her playing the piano and singing many of the songs from “Tapestry.” That’s how I learned of Carole King…I can’t wait to see the musical about her life at some point in the near future.

So I’ve spent the last few months learning about songwriters like Carole King as I continue to create my own music. I am realizing that I can’t possibly imagine how the songs I write might affect the people who hear them.  Some songs- and arguably the best songs- reach people in ways we couldn’t possibly predict, with an impact that transcends time and goes beyond the message of the writer’s original intent. That’s what makes King’s music special to me. I wonder if she ever imagined a mother singing that song to wake up her 5-year-old daughter for school?

As I spend the next few months focusing on songwriting (and thinking of creative ways to nurture the “early riser” in my teenagers and myself), I hope to share new music with you here on the website and on YouTube. Please visit weekly to see new links and share the exciting journey with me!

This summer I plan to return to the Lunch Dock in Akron for a few shows once they open their patio in May.  I’ll update my calendar when I have those dates.

Once again, thanks for your kind words and for all of the love and support you offer, both here and on Facebook!

See you all soon!



Jessie and the guys, Ken Grove and Jason Burdett, at Cafe O’Play in Stow

Jessie and the Barstools Cafe oplay