Turning the page…

Many pebbles piled up


I’m not the fastest reader. In fact, I often find myself re-reading pages and paragraphs a number of times because my mind wanders so easily.  Anybody else do this?

I think I do that in my life, too. My mind gets stuck “on the same page,” thinking and re-thinking about events of the day or the week-  about conversations I’ve had with friends …or maybe even that Facebook comment that I kind of wish I didn’t post :).

On those days, I try to remind myself to “turn the page…” My overthinking is not going to change what happened and the anxiety certainly isn’t helping me either.  Time to move on to the next page, and leave those anxious thoughts in the last chapter.  (Easier said than done… 🙂 )

It’s a new year, with lots of new possibilities and opportunities for growth on the horizon. We have a few shows already on the calendar, and at least three other venues yet to hear back from. Keep watching our Upcoming Shows 2016 page for the most recent information on our events this year.  Also, if you haven’t already, check out my Facebook fan page at Jessie Barr@jtbarrmusic for pictures and promotional info about the shows as they happen through out the year.

The first big show of the year is at Cafe O’Play in Stow on Feb. 20th at 6pm!  They are offering the special happy hour rate for the kid’s play area starting at 5:30, and before that you can use my special Jessie phrase to get $2 off the regular price!!  I will share that phrase in my February update… so until then stay cool!! ( And save the date!)


That’s all for now…

Thanks to all of you!