Wrapping up another year…

It has been a whirlwind year… Some great moments, and some… not so great… A lot of personal struggles and loss, and some personal victories.


I remembered this chorus to a song we sang in choir way back in the 1990’s at Parkway High School:

“For as long as I have music, as long as there’s a song for me to sing… I will find my way, I will see a brighter day. The music in my life will set my spirit free..”

I thank God for the gift of music, and for music educators like Nancy Farrell who taught us so passionately about music.  It’s music that has been the medium for my recovery, and as I continue to battle bouts of depression in my life, I find myself grateful for the support of family and friends with my music.  Whether it’s coming to my shows, words of encouragement on Facebook, or simple acts of kindness and prayers, I am truly blessed by my supporters.

This Sunday Kenny, Jason and I are at Cafe O’Play from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.  This is our last gig of 2015…the last chance for a few months to see us in action!! Then we are taking a few months to reflect and, Lord-willing, write some new songs! 🙂

With everything going on in the world, my heart is overwhelmed with emotion.  I hope to capture some of that as I continue with my songwriting.  For now, my prayers remain with all of  those being affected by the violence across the world.   May our hearts be ruled by mercy as we contemplate our role in the current crises across the globe.

Take care…and God bless!