Do the next thing…

This has been a busy summer.  Last month, my family enjoyed an unforgettable vacation to Washington, D.C. and Ocean City, Maryland, with my mother. We had a fantastic time!  Then we took a three day tour to some of the sites in the Greater Cleveland area with my dad towards the end of the month.  Of course, my personal favorite is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but I’m amazed at the number of totally cool things Cleveland has to offer.  I’m proud to call Northeast Ohio my home, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Now we come back to reality… last week I lost my Grandma, Betty, to cancer.  I am so happy that she finally gets to see her reward in heaven, and see the face of our loving Father, into whose Hands she committed her life many years ago.  But I miss her.  She was my hero, my Mary Poppins- “Practically perfect in Every way.”  I love her dearly and her death is hitting me very hard.  I’ve cried each and every day since she has passed.

God is good.  He sees my every tear and knows their true purpose for me.  Through all of this I look more fervently to Him and He comforts me. ..and He gives me new songs that soothe my heart.

Over the next couple of months, I have some big events coming up.  I hope to share some of these new songs at my shows, and it would mean so much to me to have the support of friends and loved ones.  This Saturday the 22nd at 6pm I will be at Cafe O’Play in Stow Ohio for the first time. I am hoping to see many families there! it’s a great place for a family fun night!

Next month I will be at Art in Park in Kent, Ohio, for the first time.  This is an annual gathering that celebrates artists from all over North east Ohio and I’m proud to be a part of the music line-up. There are vendors and tents with all kinds of art and crafts available for purchase… or admiration :). We will be playing a short set at 10am on Saturday September 12th.  I look forward to seeing you  there!

That’s all for now… my feature picture this month is of my grandma, Betty Anspach. I took this picture just a couple of years ago when I saw her in Florida.  When I looked at it later, it was the very first time I realized something important: My Grandma was proud of me. You can see it in her face in this picture. I will cherish it and that moment forever.

Floridaw mom2012 (3)

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