Uncharted territory


Things change so fast it seems…

In the last month many new things have happened in my life:

1.  Sadly, owing to some medical issues with my back and neck, I had to leave my job at the Big Orange.  I miss my Home Depot family dearly.  The people at store #3809 were good to me and I’ll never forget what I learned there.

( I guess I’ll have to start doing more projects around my house now so I can visit them more 🙂 )

2. I was shocked to hear from my Uncle that he heard one of my songs on a Cincinnati radio station!  They also shared a little bit of my story with my music!  I am so moved to hear of this, but I don’t know which station!  To whoever took the time to share my message on the air, I am sincerely grateful! Please contact me so I can thank you properly 🙂

3. I am continually adding shows to the Upcoming shows Calendar on this site. As I continue search for new, small venues to share my music, I will add dates as they become available to me. Keep watching this page and my Facebook page (Jessie Barr) for chances to come out and support me as well as other local musicians I’ve met.

4. I am currently using this time to focus on songwriting.  I have some ideas and life provides ample fodder for themes and stories for new songs.  As it is the Lord who has given me this testimony and the songs I write, I look forward to what He has in store for me as I continue this chapter of my story.

5. What has touched me most in all of this is when people are genuinely helped by my music, whether they are people I meet at shows, or those close to me.  My great-aunt is in later stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  Always having been a sweet-hearted southern belle, it is difficult to watch her suffer this way.  On mother’s day, my mother told me that my great-aunt enjoyed very much listening to my CD lately.  This brings me so much joy!  It’s what was meant to be: God using these songs to reach suffering people.  My Mom told me it was the greatest Mother’s day present to her to hear of this, as she shared the news with me on the phone.  Please remember my whole family in your prayers as we navigate some tough times with illness.

Until next time, Hang in there! And I hope to see you at one or all of these gigs coming up this summer!

I appreciate your support!