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Many have asked me to post the link to my recent interview…


I’ve added it to the sidebar of this page.  Just click on the whtpradionetwork link to the right of this post…

See you all on March 6th @ the Blue Rock Cafe!

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Feeling the love…


February can be my favorite month of the year.  Each and every year on my birthday, February 5th, there has been snow on the ground.  I have always loved the snow, believe it or not.  As a kid I LOVED playing football out in the snow…And it was SO much fun riding the snowmobile with my dad or grandpa whether out on Indian Lake or in our small town backyard.  These days I enjoy the snow most when I’m sitting inside the house, in my easy chair, under my electric blanket, where I can enjoy watching the soft, downy flakes drop to the ground outside the picture window.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day… I found myself sitting on my 15 minute break at work realizing just how much LOVE there is in my life.  I’ve made so many new friends over the past few years who have loved me and supported me even when I’ve been at my worst… From those I’ve befriended at The Home Depot store #3809, to the various small business owners who’ve let me share my music at their cafe or coffee house,  to the good people at The Church in Silver Lake,  I feel so grateful for the love these people have shown to me.

And tonight I’m really  “feeling the love”… I was just listening to the whohasthepower radio network,  a local internet  radio station rooted here in Cleveland, Ohio.  Mr. Yancey played one of my songs tonight on the “Power of Gospel Music” hour.  He came to my event at the Church in Silver Lake last month and loved the message in my music!  It was CRAZY listening to “Ease me through the night” on the radio for the very first time! Thanks to Mr. Yancey!

As a bonus, Mr. Yancey will be interviewing me on his radio  program this coming Wednesday night, February 18th, from 7:15-7:30pm.  Anyone can listen to this interview by visiting the website at, or on  You can listen to the live broadcast Wednesday night, or check out the archives after that if you miss the live interview.

I’ll be finishing out the month of February at The Church in Silver Lake on February 22nd…I’ll be their guest worship leader for the Sunday morning service at 10:00 am.  Looking forward to worshipping the Lord with such an open and loving community of believers…

All of this is leading up to an absolutely HUGE show coming up on FRIDAY March 6th at The Blue Rock Cafe In Hudson, Ohio, from 8pm to 11pm.  Special thanks to Rob and Andrea Morrison who are making this event possible!!

I hope to see all of you some time in the next month at one of these events!

But until then… Keep your head up 🙂

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