Just another New Year…

As I sit here in Panera enjoying some much needed “me-time,” I realize how anxious I am about the New Year in front of me.  I do this to myself every year; change is always difficult for me and always has been. Each year my boys get older (…and bigger) and I begin worrying about how fast the time is flying by with them.  And then I remember that Tim is one year closer to retiring from the Police force (… and that is a day I definitely look forward to!)

It’s just another New Year… right?

But this year IS a bit different for me…

I accomplished some things last year that I never believed I could, including releasing my own CD, and now I start the new year with 7 events already on the calendar to share my music!  It is actually kind of exciting to be able to do something I love so much and have so many opportunities to share it with people…

You see, it’s NOT just another New Year… It is TODAY!  It’s a chance to seize the day and start living the life you were meant to live TODAY!  

 There will be challenges like I’ve never faced in the year ahead… and some familiar struggles might decide to resurface and give me a hard time…

To that I say…BRING IT ON! (Phillipians 4:4-9,13)

I have updated my calendar for the year here on my upcoming events page.  Pick one and put it on your calendar :).

On January 31st at the Church in Silver Lake, I will be sharing more deeply about my story as I sing cover songs and originals that have impacted me throughout my journey and  my struggle with depression.  I am nervous to talk about it, but this is a struggle for so many people and I know I’m not alone in the battle.  Please come and support me in this; familiar faces are such a comfort to me when I share the hard stuff.

This year holds a lot of excitement for me and I look forward to sharing it with you as we navigate this journey… together.

The journey begins...


One thought on “Just another New Year…

  1. So proud of your accomplishments & look forward to the new year. Your story will inspire & encourage others to push forward with God’s grace.


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