About the CD…

So excited to share these songs with you…


This CD is a short album (EP), so there are 4 songs, each one a little different than the next.  I began writing music in 2012 as part of my therapy for managing clinical depression, a mental illness I’ve battled for as long as I can remember.  Each song is related to specific periods of struggle along that journey.


My good friend Andy Dolson agreed to help engineer and produce this CD about 7 months ago, and I’m grateful for his hard work and patience with me. ( I had never really done this before…)  When you hear the music, I know you will agree that he did an amazing job capturing me as an authentic artist and not making me sound different than who I am.  He is an incredibly talented individual and I value his friendship.

These first 100 CDs are handmade copies.  I created the cover art by carving a stamp, my son created the back stamp, and my husband selected the CD stamp.  The large stamp on the front began with the mandala in the center, a classic symbol of life.  The lines within the circle came to represent the spokes of a wheel, inspired by the title of the EP “Along for the ride…”  The lines radiating from that circle represent the rays of the sun.  The horizon is etched with scratches that vaguely represent mountains.  This is all stamped out of black ink, hence displaying the theme of the light of  life breaking through the darkness.  My name is stamped in a mermaid blue to represent my fascination with oceans, lakes, and water.  An insert with the song titles and credits  is included inside the CD package itself.    With a little help from Faith Dolson,  Andy’s awesome wife and creative consultant, we were able to create these album covers, burn our CDs and package them ourselves.  ( Thanks Faith…)

We will begin selling these for the first time tomorrow at each of my shows.  Beginning next week I’ll begin taking orders over email for anyone who may want one.  They will be $10 tomorrow at the shows,  but they will be $12 for anyone who orders them by mail so I can pay postage. ( That is if there are any left after tomorrow 🙂 .)  Within the next couple of months, we hope to have another version of this CD on iTunes as well. Watch here for more info on that.


Well that’s all for now.  I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow.  This is an important day for me…and my family.  I praise the Father for where He has brought us thusfar, and hope that by sharing this, His name will be glorified….